Monday , 22 December 2014

Unlock iPhone 4s in India

I got a iPhone 4s From one of my cousin who lives in US. I searched many shops to unlock it but none of the shop gives me solution. It is like a dead instrument for me. I want your help if you know how to unlock iPhone 4s than please help me to get that. Read More »

How to Hide IP Address/Port

IP address is identification of your machine. Hiding IP address/port helps you to protect your surfing data. If you work in cyber cafe than it is important to keep some level of safety like hiding your IP address. If you will not than there are a chances for hacking and people share your data all over the world. Read More »

Connect to UStream IRC Channel for Chat

UStream is providing Built-in Chat feature for live broadcast. If you don't want to use Built-In feature and want to broadcast via UStream IRC Channel than you can join chatroom once you login into IRC account and connect with UStream. Here are the steps. Read More »

Connect Twitter with UStream

In Recent days, I came across UStream, a very similar website like YouTube which allows you to create Channels, Broadcast shows, Recording Shows and many more. People are uploading their videos and sharing with Social media websites. If you are using Twitter and wanted to connect Twitter with UStream than just follow below steps to connect Twitter with UStream. You can share UStream Content to Twitter very easily. Read More »

Automatically Upload Video from UStream to YouTube

Are you looking to upload live streaming video from UStream to YouTube ? UStream is way for users to record shows online and broadcast them. You can also upload your live streaming video to UStream to YouTube. This is been a great news for YouTube lovers and they can easily upload their videos to YouTube via UStream. Read More »

Google is about to close Google Buzz

I was surfing through the internet and came to know that Google is now about to close the Google Buzz product. Google Buzz is not a success and It is very bad product of Google ever they have released. Google have launched Google+ and they got success in Google+ product. People likes the functionality, look and feel of Google+. Now more and more people are using Google+ and rarely people are using the Google Buzz. Read More »

Export Thunderbird contacts to VCF Files

Thunderbird is not supporting VCF files, one of the most used file for saving business contacts. In previous post, I mention how to import vcard(VCF) file into Thunderbird. In the same way, you may need to save your business contacts in vcf files to import it in other email clients or taking backup. If you want to export thunderbird contacts to vcard file.. Read More »

Import VCF File in Thunderbird

In my last post, you may notice that I write about importing vcf files into Microsoft Outlook. Many people using Thunderbird and Thunderbird is one of the famous free Email Client. If you are looking to import vCard into Thunderbird, Import VCF File into Thunderbird than you need to install plugin for that. Thunderbird is not providing option to import VCF files. Read More »